Ajax Whois! v0.5 beta testing PDF Print E-mail

We are about to release version 0.5 which is still under beta testing. The script has been completely rewritten.This all new version which is Joomla 1.5 compatible also shall be released shortly. This version is the most versatile Whois Lookup and Domain Availability Checker.Works best with php 4.3.x but version 5.x is highly recommended.

The new features include:

  • Open a resizeable-movable whois window which can not be blocked by even any popup blockers.
  • Open Multiple Whois windows.
  • Multiple configurations for Component and Module, you can have different pages with different configurations.
  • You can have as many registration page links as you want and can have any one of them as default.
  • Enter key is now disabled in the domain search box and many other functionalities are added.
  • Graphics are now more crispy.

Please bear with us for a few days. Your comments are welcome. Please post your pre-release comments in the discussion forums.