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AjaxWhois Launched PDF Print E-mail

Softuff's AjaxWhois! module utilize the power of AJAX technology and allows your Joomla website visitors to check for availability of domain name(s) and see the result instantly just typing the keyword/name. It displays the whois information on the fly. AjaxWhois! can dramatically boost up your website’s performance as well as save the visitor’s time and traffic.This module uses Mootools Javascript framework. Start by typing a domain Name and check out the features yourself. Download it now.

Use Softuff's AjaxWhois (Extension Manager) Component to manage, select and publish extensions in your module. We have updated the component with more than 235 extensions. Download it alongwith. Install this component before the module.

Join and Get it Now.

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Welcome to Softuff! PDF Print E-mail

The past two decades have seen Softuff outpace the boundaries and excel in the field of Software Development.

Writing state of the art commercial as well as scientific software through Web Application Development have been the remarkeable abilities of the Softuff Team.

You can count on our resources 100% of the time. Clients who chose Softuff stayed with Softuff, to know why Ask them or Call us.

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